Echoes of Tryon Ghost Walks - First Peak of the Blue Ridge
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Echoes of Tryon Ghost Walks

I have a gift and my gift allows me to connect to the Other Side. That, of course, is if they are willing to talk or communicate. If they do I often can see, hear, and talk to them. Read More Below
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I can also feel emotions and physical pain from each spirit that wishes to tell me their story. They can also show me memories or experiences in my dreams. Meaning I can see what someone experiences through their eyes. Communication is on a spirit by spirit bases because not all spirits want to make contact. So, if I can give a reading or what I like to call an After Life Interpretation. I can only share what they wish to share with me. I am not offering readings to connect you with your lost loved ones, but I will use my gift to give you a better experience of Tryon’s history in the hopes that I can teach respect and understand for the spirits beyond the physical plane.

After Life Interpretations
30 minutes · $20-$25 and up
Personal readings to contact loved ones Tools that CAN be used but NOT always Tarot cards Personal items of the loved one Locations
Every group will walk on a route around the Historic Town of Tryon while also discovering the Spirit world or Other Side. A beautiful way to remember past events and past residents