Mineral Spirits Rock Gallery - First Peak of the Blue Ridge
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Mineral Spirits Rock Gallery

Mineral Spirits is a creative rock gallery of hand-chosen, beautiful specimens from across the world.

Mineral Spirits Gallery was born from a desire to share a 30 year passion for blending rocks and minerals into my everyday life with other rock collectors. We offer large and small...rough and polished…encouraging our customers’ passion to grow their collection or begin one. Read More Below
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We’re not a typical “rock shop”….we don’t sell candles, knives, essential oils or jewelry….we are a special place where people come to enjoy the earthly gifts of rocks and minerals; a place where people can learn how to enhance their lives with positive energy; a venue where kids get special attention (we’re creating future rock hounds!); an information center where questions get answers; a classroom that encourages and teaches anyone and everyone who is curious and wants to learn more about the mineral kingdom. We love rocks and minerals and our passion is contagious so come for visit…you’ll leave smarter and excited about the world of minerals.

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