Mountain Trail Soap Company - First Peak of the Blue Ridge
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Mountain Trail Soap Company

Mountain Trail Soap Company, LLC is a small, locally owned and operated business that’s located at 112 N. Trade Street, Suite#5 in Tryon, North Carolina. We take pride in our handmade soaps, as they DO NOT contain those harmful, skin irritating chemicals that are found in commercial soaps today. Read More Below
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My passion for soap-making started over 20 years ago when my sons’ (Darius & Devin) skin became extremely dry and irritated after using top brand soaps. I read the list of ingredients that are in commercial soaps and realized that they were very harmful and damaging to the skin. I then started researching the amazing benefits of using natural, handmade soaps instead and formulated my own recipe that soothes, nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Over the years, we’ve gained hundreds and hundreds of satisfied customers. We hope that you too will become a valued customer/friend and enjoy our amazing handmade soaps too!!! Thank you….

“Making your skin happy is what we do.”