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Plan Your Trip

Visiting the First Peak of the Blue Ridge Mountains can be easy! Use this information and these tools to plan your trip and map your way. Let us know if we can help..


We’ve got wonderful weather at the First Peak of the Blue Ridge. Due to our mild four-season climate, we have gorgeous springs, summers and autumns, and mild winters.

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We’re happy to mail you our printed Visitor Guide, plus additional information on your specific interests. Just let us know what you like to do, and when you’re planning a visit, and we’ll prepare a package for you.

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We want you to find your destinations with ease. Use this map to mark all the places you’d like to visit, then print or download it.

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Browse through our site and save the places that you’re interested in. Then view your itinerary here, where you can add and delete items until you’ve got the perfect visit planned.

Traveler Resources

To help you plan your visit, here is a list of airports, businesses and services that will support you in making your way to the First Peak of the Blue Ridge.