Fishing and Boating at Lake Adger - First Peak of the Blue Ridge
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Fishing and Boating at Lake Adger

Lake Adger is approximately 438 surface acres with approximately 14.5 miles of shoreline.

​Boating, fishing and water recreation are a focus here. Restrictions are in place to provide a safe environment for the full recreational use and enjoyment of the lake, including boating, swimming and fishing.There is an 80 horsepower limit on pontoon boats and a 60 horsepower restriction on any other water craft; to maintain it’s tranquil environment, no jet skis or water skiing is permitted on the lake.

​Lake Adger draws its unique character from following the course of the scenic Green River. Miles of the Green River, upstream, are protected by conservation easements.

Kayaks and canoes are welcome and encouraged at Lake Adger.You may see native vegetation along the shore, these natural areas provide habitat for the fish and other wildlife.The lake level can only fluctuate up and down by five feet, especially during the summer when Northbrook Hydro is generating power. Please do not tie your boat to the shore, docks or marina slips without the express permission of the individual property owner. While the land was once paper company land, it is now the property of Lake Adger Developers or individual property owners.

Please be courteous while boating. We encourage you to enjoy your time at Lake Adger, but ask that others be allowed to enjoy theirs as well. Remember to cut your engine when passing fishermen along the shore or individuals in smaller water craft, watch for children swimming from shore and private docks. Lake Adger is patrolled by the NC Department of Natural Resources. Use good judgement and obey laws and regulations while boating.
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Lake Adger

Lake Adger, located in Mill Spring off Silver Creek Rd., has been stocked with Muskellunge (Muskies) as part of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources fish stocking program. The Muskies are raised at the Table Rock State Fish Hatchery and the juvenile fish are released into Lake Adger in October. The average size fish released is 8” to 18”, in length.

For further details on fishing, consult the Regulations Digest for North Carolina Inland Fishing, Hunting and Trapping. Boating: Public boat ramp.

Personal boat needed to access lake.

Lake Adger, located in Mill Spring off Silver Creek Rd.,