Gunner's Haven - First Peak of the Blue Ridge
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Gunner’s Haven

Gunner's Custom Holsters offers a variety of unique gifts to choose from including Black Rifle Coffee, Coffee Mugs, T-Shirts, Custom Holsters, and much more! Read More Below
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About Gunner’s Custom Holsters: I will customize your order to your needs/wants starting with the color, type (inside the waistband or over the waistband), appendix, small of the back, pocket holsters, magazine carriers, knife sheaths, trigger guards and my patented Hook holster. I offer a variety of colors, patterns and attached clip options for all shooters.

Unlike leather and nylon holsters kydex maintains its shape allowing the shooter to holster smoothly every time. Every holster is tested with numerous draws and with a “jump test” to ensure solid retention while still allowing a smooth draw and presentation.

I stand by my product and those who carry my gear. With all my holsters there is a lifetime warranty if you ever have an issue get it back to me and I will make it right.


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