Hypnotic Massage Sleep Boutique - First Peak of the Blue Ridge
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Hypnotic Massage Sleep Boutique

Hypnotic Massage is dedicated to offering clinical level results in a peaceful environment. They help rewrite your sleep story through massage, coaching and a curated collection of sleep support products. Master massage therapist & sleep specialist, Rebekah Delling, LMBT employs an integrative approach to address common sleep disruptors like stress, pain and anxiety. Read More Below
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The following services are offered at Hypnotic Sleep Massage Boutique:

Hypnotic Sleep Massage – 120min

Serenasis Sleep Coaching for Individuals

4-weeks to Serene Sleep –
Darkness Bathing Coaching for Individuals – 90min (In-Person or Virtual)

Darkness Bathing Coaching for Couples – 90min (In-Person or Virtual)

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage – 30/60/90min

Zen Blend Swedish Massage – 30/60/90min

Sports or Medical Massage – 60min

Scalp & Sinus Massage – 30min (stand alone or add-on)

Sole Soothing Foot Massage – 30min (stand alone or add-on)

Pain Management Massage Package with Cupping – 90min

Chakra Balancing: 30min
Guided Meditation (In session): 15min
Cupping (In-Session)