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Green River in Saluda North Carolina is nature's gift for us to enjoy. Living Waters Tubing is all about enjoying nature's bountiful gift to us in the form of this luxurious, beautiful river called Green River just outside Saluda, North Carolina. Living Waters Tubing will supply a one size fits all tube, and you bring the folks, and we will provide a little food and refreshment, and you can make a memory that will last a lifetime. You don't have to worry about your waistline as our tubes are one size fits all. You will experience the luxurious beauty of nature, and the river is a beautiful natural oasis for the whole family to enjoy. Read More Below
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Green River is a beautiful and relaxing way to spend the weekend just tubing and floating on the luxurious water. You can float your cares away on Green River and enjoy the gifts of nature. You will love the river as an escape from the office and school. Our timeframes are open, and our rates are reasonable. Tubing down Green River in North Carolina is a great way to bond with a family reunion, class reunion or weekend getaway with friends and family. Contact Living Waters Tubing for details, questions and group rates. Call Living Waters now for a complimentary consultation or free quote by phone (828) 749-0147!

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