Veterans Memorial - First Peak of the Blue Ridge
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Veterans Memorial

The Veterans Memorial stands as a 6.5-foot tall granite obelisk, mounted in a concrete platform. The front face of the obelisk displays the inscription honoring the armed forces of Saluda. On the left side face, the name of the monument is displayed, and on the right side face, the dedication date is inscribed. There is a chain connected to four short poles encompassing the memorial platform on three sides, and a granite bench stands directly in front of the obelisk on the same concrete platform. The granite bench is about a quarter of the height of the obelisk, with two legs and a flat seat bearing an inscription of the wars the veterans fought in. Dispersed along the side borders of the obelisk and bench are six rectangular plates built within the concrete platform, displaying titles of the divisions of armed forces that fought in wars. Read More Below
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Location: The memorial is located on a 10-by-10 foot plot of ground beside the railroad tracks next to Main St. and across from State Rd. To the right of the memorial is a cylinder-shaped monument dedicated to the deceased woodmen of Pine Camp 482 from Saluda. Other surrounding markers within shouting distance of the marker include a small marble block in memory of Wilkes County resident Greg Granger, and a dark marble marker behind the Veterans Memorial honoring Saluda’s Chief of Police Andrew Williams.