Wildflower Wellness - First Peak of the Blue Ridge
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Wildflower Wellness

Wildflower is a place where pampered meets healing and self care begins. Our session are customized, heart centered and intuitive. We offer a safe space to let go and relax. Enjoy a cup of tea in our relaxing Zen room before or after your session with us. At Wildflower we believe in the powerful connection between your mind and body. Our goal is to bring harmony and overall well being and balance.

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Wildflower Wellness, located at 136 Pacolet St., offers a range of services to help clients grow spiritually, emotionally, and physically.
Wildflower Wellness offers massage, reiki, lymphatic drainage and a private infrared sauna suite. The goal of every service provided at Wildflower Wellness is pampered healing and to bring harmony and overall well-being and balance.