Watch Green River Cove Trail on NC Weekend - First Peak of the Blue Ridge
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Watch Green River Cove Trail on NC Weekend

VIDEO: Green River Cove Trail

Check out this video on the stunning Green River Cove Trail that aired 2/23/23 on NC Weekend, a program by PBS NC. They give the big picture of the Green River Game Lands, an 18,000 acre area providing hunting, fishing and recreation access to rugged, unspoiled nature around the Saluda area. Several trails cross the area, providing mountain and gorge views, rugged landscape, waterfalls, and multiple places to dip your feet in the water on a hot day.

The centerpiece of the area is the Green River, famous for kayaking, paddling, tubing, fishing and an extreme whitewater section known as “the Narrows” (expert level). The piece highlights the least-strenuous trail in the area, the Green River Cove Trail.  As you guessed, it is an out-and-back trail that runs along the Green River. The trailhead awaits you in Saluda – prepare well to ensure a safe hike. Plan your trek today! 

For more information visit the Conserving Carolina website here.

Watch the video below or view the video here on YouTube