Nina Simone's Childhood in Tryon, NC Part 3 - First Peak of the Blue Ridge
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Nina Simone’s Childhood in Tryon, NC Part 3

PODCAST:  Nina Simone’s Childhood Audio Story Part 3

Nina Simone: The Waymon Family and Church

Church on Sunday was a huge part of young Nina’s childhood. She was known as Eunice Waymon then, and her family was actively involved in their local church. Her father John Waymon was a Sunday School Teacher, and the superintendent of the Sunday School. Her mother was a minister in the church.

Listen here as Eunice’s childhood friend Lorena shares her experiences growing up with the family. Martin Anderson, WNCW Radio Music Director, also speaks about the church’s influence on Nina’s music. Then click the button below to hear the next story.

Music Credit: “Sunday in Savannah” by Nina Simone
Storytellers: Lorena Cunningham, Martin Anderson

For more information visit the WNCW Radio website or the Explore Tryon website

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