Nina Simone's Childhood in Tryon, NC Part 4 - First Peak of the Blue Ridge
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Nina Simone’s Childhood in Tryon, NC Part 4

PODCAST:  Nina Simone’s Childhood Audio Story Part 4

Nina Simone: Ms. Mazzanovich’s House

Young Nina’s talent at the piano had been recognized. Some of Tryon’s townspeople helped support her through music lessons with Ms. Mazzanovich, a classical pianist and teacher in Tryon. “Ms. Mazzie” as she would come to be known, helped to expand Nina’s skills.

Listen as Nina’s daughter, Lisa, talks about the time she met “Ms. Mazzie” plus Lorena, Nina’s childhood friend, and Jeff Lieberman, producer of the documentary, “The Amazing Nina Simone,” talk about Nina’s continued growth as a musician.  Then click the button below to hear the next story.

Music Credit: “I Put a Spell on You” by Nina Simone
Storytellers: Lorena Cunningham, Jeff Lieberman, Lisa Simone

For more information visit The Amazing Nina website or the Explore Tryon website

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